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How to get Featured

So you want to be a part of the magazine? – No problem! If you have a Gmail account and knows  how to use Google Drive then you’re pretty much setup! There are some stuff you need to setup first before submitting your work but this is mostly used for organizational purposes. Once everything is setup on your end, sending in your content is just a matter of drag and drop 😉 Just a quick FYI though, although we technically include everyone who submits content in the magazine, we still do have some kind of “standards” when deciding who will be featured or not. This is particularly true when it comes to figure photography. It means that we won’t feature any user submitted content with incomplete details (ie: short bio) and very poor work quality (ie: noisy/under-exposed images).

Setup Phygure® in Google Drive

The first step you need to do in order to submit your own content is to setup  your Google Drive. If you have a Gmail account, then you can automatically use Google Drive’s service. Phygure® has a public Google Drive content repository for people who wants to participate or contribute in the magazine. This is where all your content will be stored and this is where we will be getting them. The first thing you need to do is to add Phygure’s public content repository into your own drive. You can do this by visiting this link and clicking the Add to Drive button.


Add Phygure’s Google Drive folder into your own personal drive. This will gain you access to all of Phygure’s public folders ready to be uploaded with your content.

Once this is added to your drive, you can now access all of Phygure’s public folders. Each of Phygure’s folders are named based on category (ie: Anime Articles, Phygure Photography Showcase, Photography Tips, etc). It’s up to you which category you want to participate in. But before you can participate and send your content, you need to setup your own folder first which we will discuss next.

Accessing Phygure® Drive and creating your Personal Folder

Now that you have added Phygure’s Google Drive folder into your account, it’s now time to setup your own personal folder. You need to create your own personal folder for every category you want to participate in. It means that if you want to participate in multiple categories, let’s say, Manga Articles and Game Articles, you need to setup your personal folder in each of those categories (ie: Manga Articles > Your Folder, Game Articles > Your Folder, etc). Adding and creating your own personal folder in Google Drive is super easy. But first, let’s access Phygure’s public Google Drive folder by clicking the icon beside your profile picture and selecting Drive (assuming you’re logged in into your Gmail account).


Google Drive is accessible via your Gmail dashboard. Just click the icon beside your profile picture and select Drive.

Once your Google Drive has loaded, you will instantly see Phygure’s folder added into your own personal drive. Opening it will show you all the public category folders ready to be populated by your own content! You can use the image below as a reference for all the available categories.


I you want to participate or contribute under a specific category, you need to create your own personal folder inside these category folders where you will upload your content.

Select the category you want and let’s create your own personal folder. When creating your own personal folder, make sure you name it exactly as how you want it to appear in the magazine (ie: MyAlias, myAlias123, my_alias_123, etc). To create your folder, click the New button and select Folder from the dropdown. Once your folder is created, you can then now start uploading your content that you want to be featured in the magazine!


To create your folder, select first the category you want to participate in. Click the New button and select Folder from the dropdown.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’re done setting this all up, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping your content inside your own folder. We will be instantly notified once you started uploading! If you want to participate on a different category, just repeat these steps again for that new category you want to participate in. Looking forward to see all your awesome work!

Additional Guidelines

Here are some additional tips and information to make sure you’re content will look awesome in the magazine. Some of the guidelines are also based on Apple’s iBooks specification. They’re pretty strict you know 😛

  • For Phygure® Photography Showcase submissions, please make sure to upload the highest resolution of your images. Please also include one portrait orientation shot that will be used for your profile page.
  • For any type of submissions, please make sure you provide a doc/text file with your short bio, country (optional) and links (optional). Submissions without a short bio will not be included in the magazine.
  • For any article type submissions, please upload your article in any word/text document you prefer with images included as separate files. Make sure you also embed the images inside the word document so that we have a quick visual reference of the image placement within the article.


  • Add Phygure® Google Drive public content repository but clicking this link.
  • Login to your Gmail Account and go to Drive to access the newly added Phygure® Google Drive folder.
  • Select any category you want to participate in.
  • Create your own folder by clicking the New button and selecting Folder.
  • Name your folder exactly as how you want it to appear in the magazine.
  • Start uploading your content inside your folder. Don’t forget to add a short bio of yourself or your submission won’t be included in the magazine!

For any additional questions, email me at or post it in the comments section below 🙂